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When it comes to providing clean, pure, and reliable hot water comfort for many years, you can rely on Buderus. The average household spends up to 30% of its energy dollars producing domestic hot water, so Buderus designed a super-insulated tank that protects against heat loss with the DUOCLEAN™ thermal glaze. The smooth glass-like coating provides added protection against the corrosive effects of minerals that are naturally present in water.


Vaughn Top Performer

vaughn_logo.jpgDubbed the "Rolls Royce of water heaters" by Consumers Digest, Vaughn offers unequaled performance and reliability. Vaughn's secret is the Hydrastone lining - a half-inch seamless layer of specially engineered cement that coats the entire inside of the tank, protecting it from the corrosive effects of water. The Top Performer PLUS series features a new heat exchanger design and a unique cold water diffuser.



tech-head.gifTechtanium indirect water heaters are built to satisfy even the most demanding requirements for domestic hot water supply, environmental protection, ease of installation, cost efficiency, and durability. In addition to an abundant supply of hot water, they deliver energy and cost savings with minimal heat loss, all in a package that's both convenient and corrosion-resistant.


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