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An annual tune-up is essential for the proper maintenance of your heating system. A well-tuned burner can burn 10% less fuel than a burner that doesn't receive its annual tune-up. That's a savings that every homeowner will appreciate! And, of course, you'll have the peace of mind that your system is working to the max!

frank_service.pngA tune-up will benefit your heating system - and your budget - by:

  • Saving you money by reducing the amount of fuel your system uses
  • Conserving energy, which is good for our environment
  • Helping to find problems before they become expensive, inconvenient repairs

 During a typical tune-up, we will:

  • Clean electrodes and nozzle assembly, and install a new filter
  • Oil the burner, fan and circulator motors
  • Clean combustion chamber and examine for cracks
  • Test for flame adjustment and exhaust leaks using the latest testing equipment
  • Run the unit for a short time to test for maximum efficiency
  • Check that all safety and operating controls are properly working
  • Check the flue pipe
  • Replace any worn parts (additional charge)

 An Oilheat tune-up covers four main safety and efficiency issues:

  • Vent draft: Exhaust gas should be properly vented to the exterior of the house.
  • Stack temperature: A stack temperature that is too high means heat is being vented instead of directed to the interior. A temperature that is too low means incomplete combustion and likely an interior buildup of soot.
  • CO2 level: Proper levels of carbon dioxide leads to higher combustion efficiency.
  • Smoke level: If the burner produces too much smoke, incomplete combustion is likely.

 If you are enrolled in Frank Bros.' service plan, your annual tune-up is included. Contact us to enroll in the plan or to schedule a tune-up.


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